The endless path
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The internal freedom is very hard matter, easier to talk about than to create it.
The freedom is real when every moment you have the choice to live or to die, to eat or not, to work or to do whatever you want.
To be free sometimes is scary thing and is not easy to keep it `cos it is against all around you.
Usualy the people that are around us are against our freedom, often they tie us pretty hard to be able to control us and to express their Love.

The real life shows that the love could exsisting only between totally free persons that knows how to love their selves and to share all they have each- other.
They never need somebody`s Love but they could share all passion that feel about the life and visions that every moment gives them by their love

When we are free beings must to become independent of everything a people, reasons and to take the responsibility every moment as for a first time. We might to be alone but not lonely- we still have our selves.


We can touch the freedom only if we stay quiet and with open mind, not looking for act but to stay a witness, not wanting to have but just to be.

In the bigining you might need support and we could stay for a while together in silence..
You might need healing and we could heal each- other
We might have a cup of tea..

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